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Hello! My name is Jon. I build practical software solutions to save you time and drive business outcomes — solutions that fit your budget and timeline.

I work with you to dig down to the root of your needs, and then we come up with a reasonable gameplan using proven and established technologies. I don't play around or get distracted. I'm focused on results.

I have a proven track record of building pragmatic solutions for the last 20 years, jumping into new organizations, quickly identifying a need, and then building software that enables others (regardless of technical skill) to do their jobs more efficiently. That's my passion. That's what I think is fun.

Software Solutions

I develop a wide variety of software, from websites and dashboards, to data tools, to system integrations, to process automation.

I am not only writing the code. I manage and execute a project from start to finish. I meet with others to extract and write the requirements. I plan out the project. I test and deploy the software. And I provide written documentation and training to others.

My technology stack of choice is Python, Django, and PostgreSQL, where I have 15+ years of experience. However, I also have experience with numerous other technologies, from PHP and .NET to MySQL and SQL Server, etc., so if you have a technology requirement, I can make that happen.

And yes, I'm very good at Excel.

Data Problems

I've tackled a smorgasbord of data problems, some of which include:

I will work with you to fully understand your specific needs, whether it's one of the problems listed above or something else entirely!


You're facing or anticipating these problems today. So, why kick the can down the road? Let's chat today. The first step is an informal conversation. We'll talk about your challenges and what a solution might look like.

To get that conversation started, send me an email at You can provide a few details if you'd like, or we can jump straight to setting up our first video chat or phone call — your choice.

I look forward to hearing from you, maybe even today!

Jon Sustar
Jon Sustar

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Jon Sustar